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The Hassle of Traveling with Medication

With all the new travel guidelines and TSA rules, it is hard to know what is acceptable to travel on an airplane with and what is not.  If you have a long term medical condition and need to take multiple medications, it can become even trickier trying to determine what you are allowed to carry on the airplane and what needs to be checked.  It is always best to keep … Read More →

Increasing Medications Causing Problems With Seniors

Many Senior Citizens need help organizing and storing their medications.  As we age, many of us develop chronic health problems that require daily medication.  According to the American Society of Health System Pharmacists, about 1/3 of elderly adults take 8 or more prescriptions a day!  That is a lot of pills to remember, and a lot of pill bottles. Additionally as we age, our body changes and it can affect … Read More →

Children Overdose Deaths From Parents Prescription Drugs On The Rise

An increasing number of children and teens have been poisoned and hospitalized after ingesting adult prescription medications, a recent study in the journal Pediatrics revealed. The rise in child poisonings over the past decade may be linked to the increased presence of prescription drugs in homes, as more adults rely on these medications to treat conditions like diabetes and heart disease and blood pressure. Information gathered from U.S. Poison Centers between 2000 … Read More →

Portable Medication Security Company, SafetoteRx LLC, Launches New Storage and Travel Bag


Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) June 23, 2013 SafetoteRx LLC, a portable medication security company located in Greensboro, NC, has launched a new lockable prescription medication storage & travel bag. The product is a convenient and discreet way to carry and store prescription medication. The product was designed by a lupus and chronic pain sufferer who saw the need for patients to have an organized way to carry their medications when visiting … Read More →