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Update on the Opioid Crisis


Tо first understand opioid crisis, you muѕt fіrѕt understand what opioids аrе. Thе tеrm оріоіd refers tо аnу drug оr сhеmісаl that attaches (lіkе a key fits іntо a lock) to sites іn thе brаіn called оріоіd rесерtоrѕ. Thе humаn body makes іtѕ оwn opioids (саllеd еndоrрhіnѕ) but thе оріоіdѕ we аrе concerned wіth when we talk аbоut оріоіd аddісtіоn аrе thоѕе thаt аrе mаnufасturеd in a lаbоrаtоrу оr mаdе … Read More →

Drug Addiction Treatment

  Drug Addiction is not a new problem.  People can become addicted to over the counter medications, alcohol, tobacco, street drugs.  When a person starts using drugs of any kind, it is a conscious decision.  They consciously make the decision to take drugs or alcohol for recreational purposes.  As time goes on the person who is taking the drugs has less control over his or her impulse to take these … Read More →

Tips for Traveling with Medication

  The Holidays are approaching and for many people that means travel! Whether you are traveling to see family over the Holiday weekend, or taking a much needed vacation over the Holiday break, you will need to take medication with you.  How you traveling can determine how you pack your medications, and where you are going can also impact how you store these medications. If you are traveling by car, … Read More →

ADHD: Tips for Success in School

  According to the CDC, approximately 11% of kids age 4-17 have ADHD.  The start of a new school year is a great time to fine tune your ADHD treatment.  ADHD treatment can consist of both medication and behavior therapy.  Medication alone is not the answer! Kids with ADHD do much better with a schedule and a routine so that they can know what to expect day to day. Medication … Read More →

Drug Use in High School on the Rise?

    September means fall is in the air, the trees are losing their leaves, its football season, and back to school for most kids.   Starting High School is a milestone, teens and families look forward to the start of their path to adulthood and success.  But high school is also fraught with situations your child may never have been exposed to before, and while they may have been informed … Read More →

The Opioid Crisis in the United States

  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 90 million Americans die of an opioid overdose.  This is a staggering number, and the ramification of the misuse of opioids is far reaching.  Not only is this drug killing our citizens, the CDC estimates that it costs the United States approximately $78.5 billion a year.  This is money that is spend on healthcare and addiction treatment for addicts, … Read More →

Preventing Accidental Poisoning


  Last week was National Poison Prevention Week, so what better time to address the accidental poisoning of children by over the counter and prescription medications?  Every year over 60,000 kids take trips to the emergency room due to accidental poisoning.   Accidents do happen, but with diligence and information, we can lower that number significantly.  Now is the time to educate yourself and your children about medications and safe medication … Read More →

Teens and Opiate Drug Abuse

Teenswithpills1-march 16

  Teenagers are at a high risk for drug abuse of all kinds.  There are many reasons why they are at a high risk, including relatively harmless reasons like curiosity, peer pressure and the thrill of experimentation and more serious reasons like emotional struggles, stress and a desire to escape.  What are the most common drugs abused by teens? Alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs are three very common drugs used … Read More →

Coughing and Sneezing-A Cold, the Flu, or Allergies?

feb 21 (1)

    It’s that time of year when you might wake up one day with a stuffy nose and a headache, but how do you know if it’s a cold, the flu, or just seasonal allergies?  The flu and a cold can be particularly hard to tell the difference between as they might have a lot of the same symptoms.  Cold symptoms can also be the same as allergies, so … Read More →

Fight Back Against the Flu!

  The weather outside is cold and damp.  We are nearing the end of winter, but that doesn’t mean we are nearing the end of flu season.  In a lot of places, the flu season is just gearing up.  How can you protect yourself from the Flu?  What is different about the flu this season?  And what should you do when you get the flu? There are several things you … Read More →