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How to Keep Medications Secure


A person who needs home care at home probably has a drug regimen to follow. Since their prescription is crucial to overall well-being, it is important to keep your medications organized and secure. The storage of prescription drugs is essential when it comes to timely renewal of medications, discouraging abuse of risk-seeking teenagers or those who depend on the effects of the drug, and minimizing the risk of falling into … Read More →

Update on Legalized Marijuana


Should we be pleased about the amount of time Congress is taking to construct a safe and practical program for recreational marijuana use? There are many different perspectives on marijuana use, and it is still up for discussion in Congress. Normally, this is something that would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is incumbent upon Congress to disclose all of its research (if any) that supports the … Read More →

How to Cope with and Prevent Drug Addiction


What may seem like a recreational activity or a fun hobby can quickly become an unhealthy addiction. One begins with just a few smokes of a cigarette which can then turn into a pack or two a day. Smoking can then be accompanied by drinking. Those who look for other diversions then turn their focus on drugs. They can start to use drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin. Those … Read More →

How to Keep Medications Safe and Organized During Holiday Travel


For those of us who have medications we need to take every day, packing them can throw a kink in your packing plans. It requires more planning which most people do not have to worry about. Even holiday travelers without medical conditions may be carrying prescribed Cipro or other medications to prevent illnesses in certain parts of the world or birth control pills. No matter your situation, packing medications can be … Read More →

Quick Ways to Relieve Fall Allergies

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The seasons are changing and so are the particles in the air. Don’t let fall allergies follow you throughout the fall, learn how to get rid of them quickly so that you can enjoy your winter. Allergies can also mask an infection or cold with their overlapping symptoms. Fall is allergy season in the US. In your home, numerous allergens such as dust, pollen, dander, and mold can occur. Use … Read More →

Drug Overdoses in 2018 Compared to 2017

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The number of fatal drug overdoses nationwide has fallen for six consecutive months, fueling hopes that the downturn marks not just a reprieve but a long-lasting shift in the tide of the addiction crisis. Annual U.S. drug overdoses have been tracking upward for nearly four decades, and the rate of growth increased sharply in the last few years with the onset of the opioid epidemic. But in the 12-month period … Read More →

Best Ways to Organize Medications for the Elderly

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Managing and organizing medications can be one of the most challenging tasks for aging adults and their caregivers. It is a complex process and oftentimes medications and quantities of medications change. It is critical that older adults take only the medications prescribed, take them exactly as prescribed and for them to obtain confirmation from their physician and pharmacist that there will not be potentially dangerous drug interactions and complications. Senior … Read More →

Promoting a Drug Free America

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When you consider that 77 percent of drug abusers in the U.S. are employed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it makes sense that corporations want to encourage a safe drug free office environment. As most companies have developed a zero-tolerance policy for drug use, many have made the decision to create a drug free office environment. However, there is a growing concern as to how companies execute … Read More →

Statistics on Opioid Use & Dangers of Opioid Abuse


Reports on opioids in the US continue to elucidate interesting facts on opioid use and abuse. With opioid use at an all time high in the US, more research is being performed to show some of the issues surrounding abuse. In fact, pain in America now represents an $550 billion industry, with approximately 1/3 of citizens currently dealing with a pain problem. The more we know, the better. Research shows … Read More →

Tips for Storing Medications in Your Car


Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be that hot outside for a car to become an oven. The Weather Channel reports that with an outside temperature of 90 ° F, the interior of a car can reach an incredible 138 ° F in 90 minutes. Therefore, it is not practical to leave medications for a short time in the car. When traveling, keep your medication in the air-conditioned … Read More →