The Opioid Crisis in the United States

  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 90 million Americans die of an opioid overdose.  This is a staggering number, and the ramification of the misuse of opioids is far reaching.  Not only is this drug killing our citizens, the CDC estimates that it costs the United States approximately $78.5 billion a year.  This is money that is spend on healthcare and addiction treatment for addicts, … Read More →

Preventing Accidental Poisoning


  Last week was National Poison Prevention Week, so what better time to address the accidental poisoning of children by over the counter and prescription medications?  Every year over 60,000 kids take trips to the emergency room due to accidental poisoning.   Accidents do happen, but with diligence and information, we can lower that number significantly.  Now is the time to educate yourself and your children about medications and safe medication … Read More →

Teens and Opiate Drug Abuse

Teenswithpills1-march 16

  Teenagers are at a high risk for drug abuse of all kinds.  There are many reasons why they are at a high risk, including relatively harmless reasons like curiosity, peer pressure and the thrill of experimentation and more serious reasons like emotional struggles, stress and a desire to escape.  What are the most common drugs abused by teens? Alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs are three very common drugs used … Read More →

Coughing and Sneezing-A Cold, the Flu, or Allergies?

feb 21 (1)

    It’s that time of year when you might wake up one day with a stuffy nose and a headache, but how do you know if it’s a cold, the flu, or just seasonal allergies?  The flu and a cold can be particularly hard to tell the difference between as they might have a lot of the same symptoms.  Cold symptoms can also be the same as allergies, so … Read More →

Fight Back Against the Flu!

  The weather outside is cold and damp.  We are nearing the end of winter, but that doesn’t mean we are nearing the end of flu season.  In a lot of places, the flu season is just gearing up.  How can you protect yourself from the Flu?  What is different about the flu this season?  And what should you do when you get the flu? There are several things you … Read More →

New Year, New You?

New-Year-Health-Resolution-jan 24

    It is the start of the New Year, and now is a great time to take a good look at yourself and make positive changes.   The holidays are over and the winter time blues may have set in.  Why not take the extra time you have to implement some positive changes in your health?  It’s best to set small, attainable goals, once you achieve them you can move … Read More →

Keep your Kids Safe


  Many people take medications on a daily basis for chronic medical conditions.  Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and allergies are all conditions that might require daily medications.  Many families may also keep over the counter medications in their home for home care of headaches, colds, or aches and pains.  We need these medications for our medical problems, but in the wrong hands, these medications can cause problems. According to … Read More →

Thinner Thanksgiving?


    Thanksgiving is a time for families to enjoy each other and give thanks for each other and all the good things in their lives.  It is a time when people get together and set aside their differences.  It started with the Pilgrims and the Indians, sharing a feast together and has since evolved into families enjoying good each other and good food.  Over the years, the emphasis has … Read More →

Heroin use on the Rise


    Heroin use is on the rise in the US at an alarming rate.  According to a global report done by the UN office on Drugs and Crime, Heroin is the deadliest drug and its increasing use in the United States is cause for concern.  According to this report, there are about one million heroin users in the United States, which is three times the amount in 2003.  Deaths … Read More →

Screen Time and Your Teen’s Health

Family using new technology, overhead view

    These days it is hard to escape screen time.  We watch TV; we play on our telephones, iPad and iPod.  Many teens have multiple video game systems.  Teens probably spend the most time on their electronics, texting friends, scrolling through Instagram.  What parent hasn’t picked their kid up at school or an after school activity and had them spend the whole ride home with their nose in their … Read More →